We are a team of Licensed Advanced Skin Care Specialist, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist & Consultants in a variety of areas who work together with other Professionals to research products & ingredients to bring you quality Makeup & Skin Care Products and other Services.

     We started in a Spa in NYC back in 2004.   We then branched out with our makeup line doing pop-up shops, shows, production & more throughout the years.  We always kept in mind the quality of our products during events to preserve & protect our clients skin and that gained us respect.    

     We sell mostly Mineral & Organic Products with high pigments/ coverage giving you the most for your money. Our products have been tested by our Pro's to make sure that they adhere to our mission of preserving, protecting and correcting skin conditions.  

                   "We have a diversity of loyal clients whom our products benefit." 

 ALL MINERAL COSMETICS ARE MADE OF THE SAME INGREDIENTS but here is what makes up different:  
     Our brand caters to ALL Skin Tones, we don't stop at light tan colors because we are aware that their are darker complexions on earth that need coverage and the need to contour.  We are also aware of the need to cover major imperfections such as; razor bumps, hair follicles, acne scarring etc. Some other brands will give you the quality (same ingredients) but not the full coverage you are seeking beyond normal weightless coverage that minerals offer.  Our Pro Mineral Concealers, Foundations, Primers & fillers are very  rich high pigmented, TOP SELLERS that'll give you full coverage without destroying your skin. 

    Lastly we offer FREE consultation with every purchase (If needed) from our Licensed Advanced Skin Specialist or other Professionals. so you'll never go wrong with your application. (Email us to set up a phone consultation or email us your concern)...
             Our products are sold in spas, online and through independent sales representatives today...

About our other services
We have a team of experienced experts that are trained to consult in the following area:
*Security - How to prevent crimes at your business, tactical training and more!
*Production - We produce a variety of shows & events