Pro Mineral Concealer/Corrective Makeup


Our Natural Pure Coverage Pro Corrective Mineral Concealers are very popular and one of our #1 sellers!  Normally most people think that skin healthy mineral products are sheer and you'll only get minimal coverage, but not our products.  We concentrate on what we know that you need in a product, such as full coverage.  This mineral pro concealer will definitely give you full coverage over anyac irritation, acne scarring, acne pimples, skin discoloration such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. It's also so rich that you can cover most tattoos and under eye circles will be gone forever! It comes in two colors, "Balance" suggested to fair skin tones and "Obliterate" for darker skin tones.  Some of our customers like both for their skin tone and this is what we call, customizing your cosmetics. 

How to apply: 

Using a foundation brush will give you more control over the areas that you are applying concealer, but you can also use a sponge or your fingers. Take a reasonable amount, pat it onto the imperfection, if more is needed add more, once covered, fade the seam lines (area around your product) into a cloud. Then apply foundation (we suggest using our mineral foundation, optional), do not rub foundation over the concealer covered area, just pat it on that area. Complete by covering your entire face with foundation as you normally do, but make sure you fade/blend all areas nicely without thinning your concealed area. CONGRATS! You've have entered the world of flawless beauty!

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